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Tristan Squire-Smith is a registered nurse with a constellation of experiences in leadership, lecturing and clinical instruction, and frontline work in medicine, LTC, mental health and public health. With degrees in chemistry, modern languages, nursing and an MBA, and having obtained the CIC and CHE designations for proficiency in infection control and leadership within healthcare, Tristan has managed teams and organizations in both the public and private sectors. He continues to work on the front line in LTC, provides business-related consulting services, has achieved patent-pending status and continues to develop his proprietary product, and recently obtained his real estate licence. The Wrinkly Ranch is Tristan’s first book. 

As a veteran Registered Nurse and organizational leader, Tristan was  inspired to reduce his observations, experiences and thoughts to paper; after several years of anecdotal note taking, The Wrinkly Ranch is the result. He hopes this educational and entertaining narrative sparks conversation and results in greater awareness and understanding of the realities and challenges of the Long-Term Care environment — from both the perspective of the residents and of those who care for them.  

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Tristan Squire-Smith is eager to provide guest speaking appearances (in person or virtual), interviews, and any other opportunities in the field of nursing/healthcare. 

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