Yes, it’s still “a thing”

Yes, it’s still “a thing”

We’re talking about the c-word: COVID.

Here’s a little info update on the subject for you

Three years on (!), infection prevention and control (IPAC) precautions are very much still in place within LTC homes. It’s nobody’s choice or decision within the home that this remains the case (so stop getting snarky about it with the staff).

LTC homes follow Public Health best practice guidelines and regulations and, for the foreseeable future, requirements for staff/visitors to adhere to ongoing testing, vaccination and IPAC measures remain in place. The rationale for doing so remain the same: to protect those most vulnerable – the residents.

Don’t try to understand the logic. Your opinions do not matter, anyway.

We, the staff, are perfectly aware and understand that similar measures in other public venues have been discontinued and therefore, like you, may struggle to understand the logic behind keeping them in place when the same people could fraternize/spread [insert pathogen here] elsewhere in the absence of PPE outside of the LTC home – but it doesn’t matter what you think.

Nor does it matter what your opinion might be around the COVID vaccine. So save your snide remarks. We can all do without the passive-aggressive murmurs under your breath.

In all but the most dire of circumstances (i.e., a resident who is palliative may always receive visitors, regardless of their vaccination status, provided they themselves are not ill), those who have elected not to get vaccinated are still not permitted to enter an LTC home in spite of being asymptomatic, demonstrating a negative result on a rapid test and wearing the requisite PPE (personal protective equipment – gloves, gowns, masks, etc.).

Further, anyone trying to sneak one past the goalie and gain entrance when they ought not to (and you should know better by now… and if you don’t, ASK) is not only risking transmission to the very person(s) they came to visit but will also likely then cause the same person(s) be isolated to their room for a period of no less than 5 days (to prevent secondary transmission to other residents). At this point, you have to ask yourself if it’s really worth it?!

… if you were the one having to be isolated to your room for 5 days, I’d wager you’d say: NO!

To sum it up

Yes, COVID is still a thing in LTC. A BIG thing. Please do as you are asked – for everyone involved.

Please and thank you.

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