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What does christmas look like in LTC?

Honestly, the inglorious truth is that it’s just another day, mostly like any other. Especially for those who are scheduled to work. Granted, the Life Enrichment department (AKA: recreational therapy

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ABC kids toy blocks

Just the basics.

Please just show up to work. Please. It’s really just that simple. I could end this blog right here but since you’ve made it this far, I feel I ought

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Happy coworkers being praised by boss

Empower your employees

After another wild weekend on the frontline, I’m never at a loss for new material to discuss here; however, I fear that much of it, given my proclivity for profanity,

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TWR Busy Day

A Busy Day

It’s funny how certain aspects of care are 24/7 and others are not.   I should probably explain that. For example, obtaining medications after-hours in a long-term care home can

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