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Unbelievably funny, shocking, and poignant anecdotes of life and work in Long-Term Care.

“This book is written to help anyone with a loved one in long-term care, who wishes to be prepared and contribute most meaningfully, to learn the ins and outs of the environment, and how best to communicate with the care team. It is as funny as it is informative. 

Be more informed and aware — don’t go in blind. This book is a must-read.”

Tristan Squire-Smith RN, MBA, Author

“If assholes could fly, this place would be an airport!”

After serving in various roles for two decades in the clinical area of long-term care (LTC), Tristan Squire-Smith demystifies the daily realities of living (and working) in LTC through a collection of unvarnished and comedic short stories. Told in the type of blunt, dead-pan, narrative only a veteran, seen-it-all-before, registered nurse could offer, a stodgy old bromide, this book is not.

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About the Author

Tristan is a registered nurse with a constellation of experience in leadership, lecturing and clinical instruction, as well as frontline work in medicine, Long-Term Care, Mental Health and Public Health. 


Kirkus Reviews
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“An unflinching, engaging, and universal, if sometimes crass, look at getting older... through every dirty joke, the author returns to a message of dignity that many readers will appreciate: Older adults are just that… adults.”
Foreword Clarion Reviews
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“The Wrinkly Ranch is the shocking memoir of a long-term care worker whose stories are used to forward suggestions for system improvement... Beyond being informative, the book is also amusing. It captures the close bonds that develop between residents and staff members…”

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